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Commdeck Antenna Mounting Systems

As a personal fan of the Commdeck Mounting System my personal exposure to this product should be noted.  I have installed them on my own personal homes over the years.   I love them.  They work, they do the job they were designed for and the applications continue to increase.

They provide a point on your roof to extend a wire directly into the attic and attach standard mounts on top of it.  This is  American Designed and manufactured product from concept to production.

How to move the low voltage wire into a house from a dish, security camera or any application and its not one application but multiple and growing.  This is a point where low voltage applications and the ugly wires can be hidden.   The Commdeck has all the standard bolt patterns to attach permanent  1 5/8″ to 2″ OD mounts that attach to it.  It also provides a point to move the wires in your home and make the outside cosmetics of your home look much better.

The Commdeck is a permanent structure on your Roof.   Lots of “Things” can be attached to it.   Security Cameras, Wifii antnennas,   Off Air Antennas, LED lighting solutions, Lighted “American Flags”.   I would suggest installing at least two of these Beast.  Any exterior application using “LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRIC” on your roof such as Christmas lights needs an Entry Point for a Wire.

My recommendation is if you are on this project, attach 2, not 1.   Maybe even 3.   Think of all these low Voltage Applications.  Security Cameras, Wifi, Low Voltage Lighting. Christmas lights, satellite.  .   My recommendation is install 2 or 3.

We have volume discounts starting at 2.   Contractors get a better discount.  Its a great item.  If  you are building a new home you need to have  your designer add at least two and not an inch less on your home.  The applications of this are outrageous.

We carry all Colors, of the Commdeck, Comtile and Retrodeck Antenna Mounting Systems and 10″ to 39″ J Arms and Attachments.     Volume Discounts, Bulk Shipping options

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