Our line of Starlink Pipe Adapters Convert pre existing mounts to starlink mounts in minutes. Convert old fence post or new 1 5/8" poles sold at Home Depot or Lowes for under $15.00 into a Starlink Mount in less than five minutes.

2″- 2 3/8″ OD to Starlink Quick Pipe Adapter for V2 Square Starlink Dish will easily convert any mast with an OD of 2"s or 2 3/8"s to Starlink on the V2 Dish. This is a compression fitting and very Non Intrusive of the Starlink Mast.

We carry standard 9" and 18" V1 and V2 Starlink Swiveling Eave Mount Kits complete with all mounting hardware.

Convert any 1 5/8" pipe or pole which includes cheap fence post from Home Depot or lows into a Starlink Mount. Will slip over old Dish Network Mounts or our standard line of 1 5/8" J Mounts Ranging in length from 22"s to 39"s.

Our line of Swiveling Starlink Roof Mounts come complete with all hardware for a standard Lag Bolt Roof Installation. Attach to Flat Roof Mounts, Commdecks, Retrodecks (Sold Here) for lag bolt free installations.

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