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9" Starlink Roof Mount for V1 Round Dish
9" Starlink Roof Mount for V1 Round Dish

9" Starlink Roof Mount for V1 Round Dish

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The 9" Swivling Starlink Mount will work with the V1 Square Starlink Dish. It mounts directly on your Roof or multiple mounting fixtures.

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9" Starlink Roof Mount for V1 Round Dish


Product Description

The 9" Swivling Starlink Mount will work with the V1 Round Starlink Dish.   This will not work with Starlink V2 Dishes so please note this before purchasing.

The 9" Swivling Starlink Mount gets you up nine inches above and beyond the mast length of the starlink mast which is about 12 inches, so you dish will mount at about two foot.

We employ American Veterans

Longer mast are not always better mounts because longer mast may require support braces.   Reducing the torque at the base is the main reason for lower mast sizes and the 9" Swivling Starlink Roof Mount provides a nice balance where any base such as Roofs, 4x4s, fence pipe, Swiveling Eave Mounts, Commdeck Roof Top Mounting Systems, hydro mounts, Non Penetrating Flat Roof Mount can attach.  It is very UNIVERSAL.

The tight tolerances give the perfect fit.   Starlink V1 Outer diameter at the base is 1.41", this mount the Inner Diameter is 1.45".   The gap at the connection is only 4/100 of an inch.

Even without the four 1/4-20x3/8 Socket Allen Head Cap Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Set Screws this mount would be probably stable but the guess work is taken out of the equation rendering this both the most solid and stable Starlink Roof Mount on the Market.

The size makes it ideal to ship at the lowest cost.   Normally USPS shipping cost are under $10.00!  If you want it a day earlier just choose Fedex and its guaranteed in two day to US residents, anywhere, even in Alaska.   We ship Fast!

Powder coating is now standard on our parts and provides a very high film thickness build which can not be matched with liquid coating.   Liquid Coating will never provide the level of protection that powder coating which we provide.

The base foot has Universal Bolt Patterns.   It mounts to all the items we have sold for years and really is the only universal Starlink mount on the Market Today.

This mount is so Universal and the response normally is, how Universal is it.   It is so Universal it can even mount Starlink from a Tree.

We know what Starlink is.   You can bring it to your hunting cabin, No wires and just a little power generator to supply it some Juice and wa-la you are connected.  You are connected if you are in a jungle, you are connected if you are in off grid and you are connected if you are in the Ukraine and that is the point.

We need pics pics pics to display the application and configurations of this mount in your mounting concept.   Save $20 and send pics pics pics of your mounting solution.   If we use it in our slider we will give you a $20 refund on your purchase.

The inner diameter fit is very tight with little wiggle.   Four 1/4'" thumb set screws are included but Starlink has a plastic base.  We supply four 1/4" set screws which only need to be tightened with a twist of a thumb.

We do offer shorter and longer versions of this mount configuration.   The very Low profile versions will not need support braces and this should be the main consideration.  The foot of this mount has so many configurations allowing it to attach to so many other base mount units.  It is  up to the customer to decide when support braces would be needed and we do sell those.

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel R Degenstein
Great mount for Gen 1 Starlink Dish

I bought this mount to move my Gen 1 dish to another spot on the roof without obstructions. It worked great. Great product, liked the power coated finish and all the pre-drilled holes and hardware were good. The selection on your site is just what I needed.

Robert Carr
hard to find part, great communication and quick delivery.

very satisfied would buy from again.

Karl Kuester

9" Starlink Roof Mount for V1 Round Dish

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