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D Tube Feed Winegard 30 Inch 76.2 cm Satellite Dish Antenna

This 30” satellite receiving antenna dish system utilizes a D-tube feed support. This dish is designed using the CAD-CAM process. Galvanized steel,

Dish 500 Pro Plus Twin LNB for 110 and 119

The DISH Pro Plus Twin LNB/LNBF features DISH Pro Plus Technology and provides reception from the 82 and 91 or

Dish Network Dish 1000.2 DPP Twin ( EASTERN ARC) For 61.5 and 72

This is used on a dish 1000.2 to get the 61.5 and 72 satellites.  It has three output ports for

DISH Network Dish Pro Dual LNB (ES0810)

Installation takes just minutes This item is designed to be used with a SECOND DISH, alongside a DISH 500® Antenna