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Directv Phase III Triple LNB (DTV20LNB)

Replacement Phase III Triple LNB Receives Satellite 101 110 and 119. Built in Multiswitch with four coaxial outputs Compatible with Directv

DIRECTV Slimline SL5 LNB, KA/KU, Non-SWM, 4-output LNBf (SL5K4NR1)

DIRECTV Slimline SL5 LNB, KA/KU, Non-SWM,  4-output LNBf (SL5K4NR1) The SL5  LNB for DIRECTVs Slimline KA/KU non-SWM LNB captures satellite


The B-Band Converter (BBC) module SUP2400 enables H20 H24, HR24 and HR20 receivers to receive HD programming. LOWEST PRICES ON

Directv 21 Volt Power Inserter (PI-21)

The PI-21 is specifically designed for use with the Single Wire SlimLine Dish Antenna. This is necessary for installing the

Directv SL3S SWM Lnb Replacement w/No Power Supply

The DIRECTV SL3S Lnb is what you need if you have a DIRECTV Slimline dish antenna and want to upgrade

DIRECTV SL5S Slimline KA/KU SWM LNBF w/No Power Supply

The SL5S LNB is designed with an integrated single wire multi-switch (SWM) which allows you to have multiple satellite feeds

DIRECTV Digital Reverse Band 5 UltraHD 4K Legacy LNB (SL5KRB)

DIRECTV offers live 4K channels when used with this LNB. Attaches to any Slimline dish and works with SWM-30 for

DIRECTV 21 Tuner Reverse Band 5 LNB (5D2RB)

Attaches to any Slimline dish and provides 21-tuner capability to Genie DVRs and SWM-capable legacy equipment. Self-configuring, simply remove the

Directv LNB for Alaska Hawaii 1.2 Meter Dish Reverse Band Upgrade (SL3RBAH)

Directv LNB 1.2 Meter Dish for Directv Alaska Hawaii Dish LNB, Reverse Band Upgrade, 99°, 101° and 103° (SL3RBAH) This

Directv 99, 101, 103 LNB for Alaska and Hawaii Satellite Dish

This DIRECTV™ LNB is required in Alaska and Hawaii to receive satellite signals from DIRECTV’s 99°, 101° and 103° satellites

Directv SWM 32 Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM32)

The SWM32RO is a thirty-two channel Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM).It allows each of the four outputs to be split up