Non Penetratingly Roof Mounts are used on Flat Roof commercial buildings or as a secure base for a portable Dish. Our line of Non Penetrating Flat Roof Mounts will mount 18″ dishes all the way up to 1.2 meter dishes.

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Y Style Chimney Mount with Galvanized Straps – TV Antenna Mast Bracket (PVCM24)

Corner Chimney Mount.   Designed to mount 1″ – 1.5″ Antenna Mast to Chimney with 4″ Stand Off.  Includes two Y

Perfect Vision Non Penetrating Hydro Mount w 4 Bins (NPR9KIT)

The non-penetrating Hydro-Mount® system is a proprietary design for a faster, easier, more effective installation. This hexagonal shaped mount utilizes

Non Penetrating Roof Mount For 18″ & 24″ Satellite Dishes

This non-penetrating roof mount is designed for to fit both 18” and 24” dishes. No holes need to be drilled