Its that time of year again and now is the time to install a Satellite Dish Heater.

Satellite Dish Heaters are a great investment if you are in a harsh environment.   Of course it makes no sense to install a Heater in Florida if you are in Florida.   That would make absolutely no sense but if you are in a harsher climates and you have tossed hot water on your dish to get the ice off or had to clear the dish with a broom a Dish Heater would be for you.

Either the ICE Zapper or Hotshot will resolve your issues and in many parts of the country it is an absolute necessity.   Not everyone gets 4 feet of snow before December 1st but they do in the Rocky Mountains.

The Ice Zapper is a great product.   A lot of units are sold every year for that reason.   Its is absolutely the easiest product to install.    It is as easy as putting on a band aide and running a power cord to it.   If it took five minutes to install that would be too much and it works fine in most environments.

The Hotshot Satellite Dish Heater provides more protection from the snow in that it addresses the issue of the LNB Support Arm which can accumulate snow.   Armguard is designed to plug directly into the the Perfect Vision HotShot 28″x20″ Satellite Dish Heating Element Sticker (PVHSSL).

The other feature of the Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater is that it runs on low voltage wire so its a permanent fixture on your dish.  It does not require a trained electrician or any special skills.

Hot Shot heaters are available for almost every Commercial Satellite Dish and also for all DIRECTV, DISH Network, Wild Blue, and HughesNet antennas

The Hotshot can install on either the Front or the back of Dish lining up the holes in the heater with the mounting points on the dish.   Either way is fine.

Now is the time to install a Satellite Dish Heater before its too late.  Get your Satellite Dish Heater from Today!

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