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DMSI ASC511 500KHz High Stability Ku Band LNB (ASC511)

 High Stability 500KHz Ku Band LNB RF Input Frequency: 11.7~12.2GHz Input VSWR: 2.5:1 max. IF Output Frequency: 950~1450MHz Output VSWR:

NORSAT LNB, KU-BAND +/- 25 KHz, PLL (1207HA)

This KU Band Norsat LNB is +/- 25 KHz in Stability and  Phase Lock Looped Type 6924 designed for the

LINKBOX 500i HD H.265 FTA/IPTV Satellite Receiver

1. Key Features ⚫ Fully HD up to 1080i/p ⚫ HEVC/H.265 Video decoding ⚫ WIFI support ⚫ Ethernet interface ⚫


This Norsat LNB features Ultra High Stability, +/- 10 KHz and is phase locked looped All Norsat standard Ku-Band LNBs

Avenger KSC322 Linear Standard Dual Lnbf

Input Frequency of 11.7 to 12.75 GHz gives them extended use for those special applications. US standard 10.750 GHz LO

D Tube Feed Winegard 30 Inch 76.2 cm Satellite Dish Antenna

This 30” satellite receiving antenna dish system utilizes a D-tube feed support. This dish is designed using the CAD-CAM process. Galvanized steel,

FTA Universal Single Ku Band Linear LNBf, 0.2 dB (KSC321S-2)

High gain single output Ku LNBF using 10.7 to 12.75  GHz Universal with 09750 and 10600 MHz LO frequencies.  Rock

GeoSatpro 1.2 Meter KU OFFSET Dish (GeoSatpro120)

Designed and Built to Provide Years of Dependable Reception in Extreme Elements Heavy Duty 3 inch Dual U-Bolt Mounting Bracket

GeoSatpro 90CM Offset Satellite Dish

Technical Specifications Mechanical Effective Aperture 90 cm / 36″ Diameter 93.5cm x 85 cm Assembled Weight 12 lbs. Reflector Thickness

Global Skyware 1.2M Type 123, Class II, Ku-Band Tx/Rx

The Skyware Global Type 123 1.2 m Class II RxTx Antenna is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for the most demanding

Invacom QPH-031 Quad Polar Circular Linear Ku Band LNBf LNB

This unique LNBF has four outputs, two of which are linear and using 10750 MHz LO frequency for FTA satellite