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Dish Network DP 21 Switch

Two inputs for use with up to three orbital locations – 1 tuner output – Can be used with a

DISH Network DPP-44 Switch Dish Pro Plus 44 Cascadable

4 Orbital Locations, 4 Tuner Outputs The DISH Pro Plus 44 Switch features DISH Pro Plus Technology, LNBF inputs supporting

DISH Network Duo Node For Hopper/Joey (ES185836)

The Dish Network Duo Node (ES185836) is a necessary component for all 2 Hopper Installations. The Duo Node gives user

Dish Network Legacy SW44 Switch w Power Inserter

Dish Network Legacy SW44 Switch w Power Inserter Used to mix and expand two Legacy LNBfs to four lines.

Dish Network Model SW21 Multi-Dish Switch

Combines signals from any two Dish Network Satellites (61.5°, 110°, 119°). Also, can be used in conjunction with a “Legacy”

DISH Network Solo Node For Hopper/Joey (185834)

A connection point used between the DISH antenna and a single Hopper installationconfiguration.Nodes manage the transfer of programming between the