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Directv 6×8 Wideband KaKU Multiswitch (wb68)

Designed to interface with 101/110/119W satellites and features two additional inputs, Flexport 1 and Flexport 2. Flexports are used to

Winegard DP-3020 Diplexer For Dual Satellite Dish TV Antenna Combiner

Dual Diplexer Satellite DIRECTV Approved Combine Signal From Dual LNB Off-Air Winegard DP-3020 Dish Antenna Voltage Regulated Amplified Receiver 12

Zinwell 2×4 Multiswitch (MS2x4r0-03)

This Zinwell 2×4 Multiswitch MS2x4R0-03 allows you to combine signal from one satellite, using a dual LNBF and distribute the

Zinwell SAM3402 DIRECTV Approved 3×4 Multiswitch

Split your signal from a standard Dual LNB DIRECTV dish into 4 outputs.Unit also has input for off-air/cable input. Zinwell