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Zinwell DIRECTV B Band Converter Module BBC (SUP-2400)

Zinwell DIRECTV B Band Converter Module BBC (SUP-2400)

Price : $9.99

  • Model: SUP-2400
  • Manufactured by: Zinwell
  • UPC: 874409000332

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The B-Band Converter (BBC) module SUP2400 enables H20 H24, HR24 and HR20 receivers to receive HD programming.  LOWEST PRICES ON THE INTERNET!


  • Ka LNB frequencies are between 250Mhz and 750Mhz
  • BBC up-converts the B-Band into a 1650-2150Mhz usable spectrum
  • The HR20 requires two B-Band converts, one for each tuner
  • This unit is required to receive the 150 HD stations


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