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0-1000 MHz Splitters

Splitters in the frequency range of 0-1000 Mhz are good for either Cable TV or for Off Air. These are low frequency splitters which will not work for satellite applications. We carry several single port power passing splitters. Power Passing Splitters do exactly what the name suggest .... pass power. Applications that require power passing include, amplification, Passing power to an antenna and/or rotator. These are both splitters and combiners. Combining is usefull when you have several house antennas that you want to put on one RG6 Cable. If you have questions about your application feel free to call us at 330-633-7133.


Perfect Vision Splitter, UHF/VHF 75ohm 2-way, PVSPL2U

2-Way UHF/VHF 5-1000 MHz 75 Ohm DC only




5-1000 Mhz 2-Way Splitter Non Power Passing

5-1000 Mhz splitters for splitting or combining CATV RG6 Coaxial Cable. Lowest shipping rates for small purchases guaranteed.




5-1000 Mhz 3-Way Splitter Non Power Passing PV22104

3 Way 5-1000 Mhz Cable TV Splitter. Can also be used as a combiner. PV22104




Perfect Vision Splitter, UHF/VHF 75ohm 3-way, PVSPL3U

For Cable Tv And Internet, 5-1000 Mhz, Single Port Power Passing




Perfect Vision 5-1000 Mhz, 4-Way Splitter, Single Port Power Passing

5-1000 Mhz, 4-Way Splitter, Single Port Power Passing, Zinc Alloy Casing