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75cm / 30-inch offset Ku band satellite dish antenna for Free To Air

  Works great for Galaxy 19, Galaxy 25, SES1 or Galaxy 18, Amazonas, and more....  Also use for commercial DirecTV or DISH Network application to reduce rain fade.  Very sturdy and solid dish. Includes universal mount with support legs.  Use the universal mount by itself to install the dish on top of a sloped roof, or flat...




Winegard DS-2076 30 inch Satellite Dish, Universal Feed Support

Winegard is the standard for USA built satellite dishes.  The DS2076 is a 76cm dish that includes LNBF clamp size 23, 25, 35, 40, and 50mm.    Each dish is individually boxed and uses a heavy styrofoam insert for protection against damage when shipped.  This is the dish that most organizations choose for their packages. ...

$99.99  $79.99



D Tube Feed Winegard 30 Inch 76.2 cm Satellite Dish Antenna

This 30” satellite receiving antenna dish system utilizes a D-tube feed support. This dish is designed using the CAD-CAM process. Galvanized steel, used in the manufacturing process, is carbon sheet steel with a zinc-iron alloy coating. Corrosion resistant, these alloys react to scratches and other damage through galvanic action...



TYPE 120
Applied Instruments, Inc.

1.2 Meter Dish, 120 cm Offset Satellite Dish Antenna, Andrew Free Shipping

 The Andrew Corporation 1.2 m Type 120 Offset Antenna is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for the most demanding applications. The reflector is thermoset-molded for strength and surface accuracy. Molded into the rear of the reflector is a network of support ribs which not only strengthens the...