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1000 - Turbo WA

Dish Network 1000.2 Turbo HD Satellite Antenna 110 119 129 Western Arc West

COMPLETE Dish Network 1000.2 TURBO HD Dish Kit, Black / Dark colored version. Everything you need to get up and running. You Get: (all 1000.2 aka W2) Dish Pro Plus (DPP) LNB (looks at 110, 119 & 129 together also has an lnb port in for any additional sat) Dish TURBO HD Reflector Black Dish Arm Dish Mast Dish Yolk Dish Screws included Commdeck...




Dish Network 1000.4 Antenna for Eastern Arc Satellites 61.5, 72.7,77

The DISH 1000.4 High Definition Antenna is the single dish reception solution for the Eastern half of the United States. The Dish 1000.4 is designed for the Eastern Arc Satellites and is capable of providing signal from the 61.5, 72.7, and 77 W satellites. The Dish Network 1000.4 reflector, similar in size to the 1000.2 antenna, allows you to...




Dish Network 1000.2 Antenna for Western Arc Satellites 110w 119w 129w

The Dish 1000.2 Satellite Antenna has several improvements over the older Dish 1000 . Those improvements include simplifying the lnbf into one piece rather than having a Dish Pro Plus lnbf and a separate lnbf for the 129 satellite. The 1000.2 also has another port for a wing dish. This feature is especially valuable to Dishnetworks international...



Dish Network Dish 500 Plus Antenna w/129 Bracket 110 118.7 119

Dish Network Dish 500 plus Antenna Integrated LNB/switch This is a prototype integrated LNB for the Dish 500+/1000+, similar to the Dish 1000.2/1000.4, shown at Team Summit 2009.  The DishPro Plus head has the dual-band LNB for 118/119, a 110 LNB, a DPP switch with outputs for 3 dual-tuner receivers, and an LNB input.  The 129 slot is...




Dish Network Dish 500 Antenna With Dishpro Plus DPP Twin LNBF

The  DISH Pro Plus Twin LNB/LNBF  features DISH Pro Plus Technology and provides reception from the 82 and 91 or 110 and 119 orbital locations. The LNBF includes two receiver outputs and an input for one additional orbital location. This LNB allows you to pick up 2 satellite locations and distribute them to up to 2 single tuner or 1 dual...



Dish Network Tailgater Portable Satellite Antenna

Tailgater Portable HDTV System The Tailgater Portable HDTV System together with DISH Network television service, you can take your favorite shows with you on all of your outdoor adventures. How it Works The Tailgater Portable Antenna connects to the HD Solo Receiver using a single coax cable (included) and brings live satellite television...