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Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM)


Sonora, 24v/2A Power Supply,Switching Regulated,F Connector

Sonora, 24v/2A Power Supply,Switching Regulated,F Connector M-F 9:00 am - 6:00 pm est





Combine up to six LNB inputs (Flex ports 72.5°/95°, 5-LNB 99°/101°, 103°/110°/119°) for a simpler, single wire installation into the home. Two SWM outputs can be split with SWM compliant high-frequency splitters for up to eight receivers or four DVR’s. DirecTV® compatible DVR’s receive both needed signals from a single connection....




Directv DECA Band Stop Filter for Directv (BSFR0-01)

 This is the New SWM/DECA Band Stop Filter (BSF) from DIRECTV part # (BSFR0-01). This unit allows you to block competing traffic in the Multi-Room Viewing (MRV). This unit is used for the Directv receiver that is connected with SWM or any other non-green device. This unit is required for some receivers on Multi-Room Viewing. The BSF Band...

$3.99  $3.99



DIRECTV DECABB Broadband Coax Adapter Replaces DECA1MR-0

Multi-Room Viewing Feature requires a SWM system, DECA power supply, Band stop filter, Deca, and compatible DIRECTV receiver DECA system is used in conjunction with the SWM LNB, SWM8 or SWM16 to give receivers internet access through the coax coming from the SWM Switch  Using a DECA prevents the diplexing of an off-air antenna, because they both...




Directv wb68 Dtv 6x8 Switch for HD Antenna

Dimensions: 3 7/8 x 7 3/4 * Multiswitch is passive, powered only by the connected satellite receivers. * Wideband frequency multiswitch: 250-750 Mhz, 950-1450 Mhz, 1650-2150 Mhz * To be used with AT9 or AU9-S Ka/Ku DIRECTV satellite dishes * No external power required - power to operate switch is dervived from the receiver * Do not put any...




Eagle Aspen DTV3X4 DirecTV-Approved Min-Max 3-In/4-Out Multiswitch The Eagle Aspen DTV3X4 "Min Max" multiswitch is ideal for DirecTV subscribers who want to expand their satellite viewing options without installing a sophisticated multi-satellite system. The compact unit, which features a high-quality, low-profile die-cast case, connects a single satellite dish to as many as four satellite...




DirecTV, Singlewire 32 Channel Multiswitch(SWM32)

Dimension These are the product's dimensions:   Each 12.13 in. wide x 2.75 in. high x 13.13 in. deep Volume: 437.98 cubic in. Weight: 5.10 lbs. Case 13.50 in. wide x 13.13 in. high x 19.75 in. deep Volume: 3,500.79 cubic in. Weight: 37.05 lbs. Requires both a 20 AND 24 volt power inserters:...




Directv PI29 Power Inserter For SWM8 and SWM16 (29v)

  The SWM-PI Power Inserter is designed for use on the SWM-8 and SWM-16 DirecTV switch. Can be used for the SWM-8 and SWM-16 Outputs: 1 IRD & 1 SWM SWM Port Output: 29V 1.5A (43.5W) M-F 9:00 am - 6:00 pm est




DirecTV SWM8 Multiswitch

Eight (8) channel single wire multi-switch (swm). allows any transponder from any satellite input to be independently selected and distributed via one of eight designated swm output frequency channels. General information - product model - swm8; product name - swm8 single wire satellite distributer; frequency range - 950 mhz to 2150 mhz;...




Directv 6-Way Wide Band Switchable Power Inserter (PI-6S)

  Provides satellite LNB polarization locking via built-in voltage regulators and 22 KHz tone generators in a single compact module. Simplifies MDU installations by providing an integrated module for locking LNB polarizations and satellite selection Provides multi-color LED indicators to show LNB voltage regulator levelsSupports Slimline Ku and...




Directv NAS, AC-DC 20v Power Supply, Switch Mode (MFH1/2) 3A-302DA18

Power supply for NAS master stacking device and SA-6A amplifier, switching mode, 20V. Power supply for PI-6S, SA-6A, SA-6AL and SCU master stackers20v Switchin Mode2.5 mmc DC Jack